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1. W¶ród nocnej ciszy ( 149 189)
2. Jingle Bells (25 543)
3. Bóg się rodzi (23 275)
4. We Wish You A Merry Christmas (22 046)
5. Oj, malu¶ki, malu¶ki (21 885)
6. White Christmas (19 626)
7. A Baby Just Like You (18 765)
8. Gdy ¶liczna Panna syna kołysała (18 507)
9. Przybieżeli do Betlejem pasterze (16 715)
10. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (16 295)
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22. Kim (196)
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Eminem > Spend Some Time


If there's any bitches in this room

Then there's somethin I gotta say

For all the fools

Who fell for the first

Girl who comes their way

I been down that road, and now I'm back

Sittin on square one

Tryin to pick myself up,

Where I started from..


I never woulda thought that I'd see you out of control

Even though, my penis was deep down in your hole

You should know between us we was like makes ???

Nothing could intervene us especially no hos

You was more so the shalon type I chose

To more shows, haunted you nights

I suppose that's how it goes,

With time spent emotion grows

In the beginning friends, we decided to roll

So who's responsible when you get excited, explode

And Obie's grinning, then you invite that Obie's cold

But bitches they gon' talk, *****s they gon' hate

We established this way before we became mates

So what's required is that you chill with all that fire

Get your desire when I retire


{Girl singing}

Spend some time with me...


I never thought that I'd find someone to be mine

Lord knows I was right cause you just crossed the line..

{Girl singing}

Spend some time with me...


I used to say I never met a girl like you before

Still ain't got a fuckin clue as to who you truly are

Almost went as far as introducing you to my daughters

Till' you went as far as goin and snoopin through my drawers

Now I just feel stupid for the loop that you threw me for

Can't believe I almost flew the coop for some stupid whore

You used to say all you wanted was for me to be yours

All I ever wanted from you was a few booty calls

If you re-call I used to treat you like a groupie broad

When we fucked I refused to even take my ***elry off

But it through me off the first time I called and you blew me off

It was a shock, it struck me as odd but it turned me on

You started gettin moody on me pretty soon we'd argue

And the ruder you got, the more beautiful you got to me

And who'd even knew that, who would of even thought possibly

Cupid could shoot another one of them god-damned darts at me

It's true that I got shot in the heart

But when someone seems too good to be true, they usually are

But see, when you're in it it's to hard to see

Till' you pull up and see some other dudes car parked

And reach up under your seat as your heart starts to beat

Before you make a decision that's life altering

And just as you haul and you turn and you start to leave

You hear them words echoing almost haunting

That's haunting..


{Girl singing}

Spend some time with me...


I never thought that I'd find someone to be mine

Lord knows I was right cause you just crossed the line..

{Girl singing}

Spend some time with me...

[Stat Quo]

(Yeah right bitch,

Spend time with my dick)

In most cases Stats attitude is fuck a bitch

My only motive is to get head and fuck a bitch

But you was different thought we shared a ???

Even held your hand in public

We suffering because of this

Shorty on some whole nother other shit

Tryin to play slick, thinkin I'm gonna trick off rip

I'll admit, I was caught in the mix dyin to commit

Feed you the best of me I should have fed you piss(?)

We started off closer than close,

But who could have predicted to know your triflin ways

Would of stopped our growth

And the final result, back in that same boat

I ask myself do I love these hos? NOPE!

[50 Cent]

Em introduced us

50 this is Tonya, Tonya this is 50

Then slid off and left her to kick it with me

I complimented her, I said you had very nice lips

With my imagination, I could see her suckin my dick

We played the phone game, a week later shit changed fast

Had her comin over in a cab to give me some ass

Downtown Manhattan on the balcony stare at the skyline

Penthouse full of imported shit, you know how I grind

She got to talkin, talkin like a oppourtunist too

Why talk when suckin my dick is the real carrer move?

Says she's an inspiring actress she do videos for practice

Yeah, Yeah, now how many times I heard that shit..


{Girl singing}

Spend some time with me...


I never thought that I'd find someone to be mine

Lord knows I was right cause you just crossed the line..

{Girl singing}

Spend some time with me...

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